Babies, Mud and Pits



Dear boB,

Hope you’re enjoying your vacation. Heard you might take a side trip to Vegas?

Guess what? Some guy with a camera, some bright lights and a big umbrella has enquired about sub-letting a corner of the Canada Forum to open a BABY Photographing operation!

... You know what I mean... the kind where * You, Too, * can have 101 photos, in twelve different sizes, of your toddler (same pose) to hand out to family and friends for just $99.95.

And since we have already cordoned off a section for the Mud Wrestling Tournament and the AT SPEED -- Car Pit, there is still vacant space left that would suit this purpose.

Now having thousands of over protective Moms and babies around might get a teeny bit noisy but the Photog has offered to throw in FREE of Charge... a few grosses (is that a word?) of Industrial Strength Ear Plugs.....

What more could you ask for? 

Anyway, hope you are getting a tan and remembering your sun screen, what’s her name? Oh yeah, another palindrome…annA, that’s it ...