NOTE:       boB is on Vacation…. Below are his “Dear boB. . .Column

and the questions awaiting his answers upon his return from the wild unknowns of deep, snowy Canada!…


Dear boB . . .

1.  "How do they fit all that hot air into blow dryers? Why don't they

 ever run out?"

 2. "Do oysters get bored? How can you tell?"

 3. "I say that a song popular during the 1950's went 'Oooh eee ooh ah ah

 wing wang walla bing bang, ooh eee ooh ah ah wing wang walla walla

 bing bang.'  My boyfriend insists it went, 'Oooh eee ooh ah ah

 ching chang walla bing bang, ooh eee ooh ah ah ching chang walla walla

 bing bang.' Who is correct?"

4.  "Could you please tell me the number of shades of green? After

 driving around and looking at the scenery, I've decided there must be


 5. "Is the earth at a different angle in the morning than it is at night?

 In the morning I have to put something against the front door to hold

 it open. At night, it stays open by itself."

 6. "I've heard that people have magnetism in their noses. Is this true?"

 7. "It appears to me that in the past 100 years, an overwhelming amount

 of progress has been made in the world.  What did all those people do

 for the first 2000 years?"

8.  "I do not understand women.  Would the study of quantum mechanics


9.  "If M&Ms melt in your mouth but not in your hands, what about your

 underarm? I want to test it, but my mom won't let me."