(A little story for all the Dave's @anywhere. . .)

Once upon a time, long, long, ago.... in a far off country called HumidVille....home of the nasty Evad's, lived a poor, twerply {g} boB.

Now boB's goal in life was to become famous. He really didn't care how that was achieved. boB just wanted the fame and notoriety and would go to ANY lengths to get what he wanted. To that end, (pun intended) he once sat on a picket fence for  2.35 years, hoping to make the Guinness record book. But alas, he was beaten out of the title by an Australian who did it 4 hours longer and upside down, causing them to change the category and leaving boB with his memories and permanent picket fence indentations on his butt. Poor boB!

One day while doing his Janitor in a Drum duties, (even FairyTale boBs work)  he inadvertently captured an "EVAD"... A little puny one, with no sense of direction and dripping wet from perspiration, it got thoroughly twisted up in his broom bristles. In order to get free the Evad promised the boB fame, fortune and a green licorice if he would extricate him. Well boB really wanted that green licorice, however, his dictionary didn't have the word "extricate" so he had to guess at the meaning. Poor exorcized Evade – head twisted backwards and dipped in a pail o’…. nevermind…!

Needless to say , the "Save the EVADEs “ Society sued and boB had to leave HumidVille in disgrace.

Eventually, he ended up (like all twerply bobs, on the Side Show of the Village People Carnival and Contortionist Sex Show. There he had a terrible accident when another boB mistakenly thought the… ahhh... prick ... being discussed meant he was to poke our boB with pins....

And to make a long story shorter (g)... That's how we got our "Leaky boB"...