Paper Maché obO

Paper Maché obO


Hiya boB. (How soon they forget,eh*?)


I think we just found the perfect gift for you when you return from vacation <smile> . . .

          Seems that in 1988, a Salt Lake City company had just begun the business of mummifying dead pets and had a dream of someday mummifying dead people. Since then, the entrepreneur, whose idea it was, figured he could do loved ones wholesale for about $7,000.

Not too bad a price you say but for $18,000 he’d glorify and immortalize you as a mummified bronzed statue!

Well this is your Lucky Day !! Guess what boB?

Since June, he has so far serviced three dozen dogs, cats, birds, gerbils and the odd earthworm (don’t ask) and has a customer list of 137 humans, the oldest of which is 64. 

And now, of course, he’s looking for more guinea pigs ... err... boBs ... errr ... customers (g) ... who want someday to be mummified. 

Now this is a class business so don’tcha worry boB. His chief associate supposedly has practiced on over 2,000 roadkills, and on 30-odd cadavers purchased from a medical school, well not exactly purchased and maybe not really called a ‘med school’. But hey, it’s all for science, right?

The price for humans now starts at $30,000, and bronzing could run into six figures. Sorry, but that’s just a teeny bit above our budget of $10.95.

However, we are requesting prices for Paper Maché so it should be a little cheaper ...(smirk)

Now, boB, isn't this just the PERFECT gift for the man who has everything????? 

Keep in touché !

Love Me

*eh=Canadianism for “yes?”