The Lovely Lucy



Seems our hero boB was overheard on the red carpet last night plotting to catch one of us Canadian Witches†.

“Really it is a defensive ploy,” says boB, “I'm lulling them into a trap! Don't say anything as they’re coming along quite nicely! Like birds entering a box trap and I'll pull the string on them shortly! “

Awww isn’t that special.




Now boB was just on the verge of dropping the lid on us witches when all heck broke loose and a couple of fleas, but that’s another story (g)…

It was dark in the submarine that boB had rented to get from place to place along the coast. The hamster was asleep, so BIC lighters were the only illumination on board. 

Well Murphy's Law and all, boB mis-stepped in the dark, banged into his locker and spilled his entire gallon of crazy glue all over himself.

In shock he fell onto the Lovely Lucy (from Rubber Women R Us) and what with the string from his aborted trap and his antique collection of kitty liter, Sweet &Low packets and used paper toweling… Well I am sure you have the picture....

But the good news is.... after we helped boB with his first-ever  *Nail Polish Remover Bath* , a treat not meant for mere mortals, we seem to have restored him almost as good as new...Smells kind of funny, but hey he’s out on the seven seas, high ho!


Lovely Lucy, however, is another story (sigh)......................