AWARD for Bravery


The Naughty BakeryCakery

Due in part to a minor concussion suffered when boB attempted to walk backwards off the Up escalator, he has just recently seen the error of his ways and fearlessly expressed his TRUE feelings for the Canadian Witches Society †.

Therefore we proudly proclaim his acknowledgement not only our power, but our altruism and fairness when dealing with the * weaker * of the sexes. A.k.a. boB

Because of this change in attitude, we are awarding boB, in absentia, the franchise for our new Internet enterprise, the Naughty Bakery Cakery. Seems the original one in Monona, Wisconsin is going out of business.

Now, although we will continue with the ever popular Naked Male Torso cake... so beloved at bachelorette parties... boB 's imagination should be able to expand our list of novelties to new heights and parts.


So dust off your cookery and anatomy books boB and welcome aboard.


BTW...your first assignment will be to create a tasty likeness of you, my friend…all in graphic 3-D and to, ummm….scale, if you know what I mean…(smirk)

If ya need something to work from, just take a gander at the, ummmm photo just posted with this story…(eg)…


Gray Witch † <-- always bearer of the good news