Good Day Ladies and Gentlemen, I am HOWARD your Ducky Tour Guide. Today we will stroll through the newly painted exhibits and home of the wild and wooly Internet Janitor boB's quarters.    

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 Over on the left you will see my fiancé and cell-mate, the lovely Erica (the elephant), her pink skin glowing in the morning sun (sighhhhh). Behind her (giggle) is our pet noaH-boB, whose duty it is to make sure our meals are prepared and our beds made. Now noaH-boB gives fantastic massages (so Erica says) but since the  pillow stuffing incident I no longer let him near me.

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The sound you just heard has signaled the Janitor-in-a Drum,  noaH-boB, to get up off the tracks  ahead. He sometimes forgets and falls asleep where ever he happens to be, but a couple of well placed pellets and he is off and  running.

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See ya later boB… Boy can he run!


Next we will visit the most recent addition to our little zoo. Please keep all edible parts inside the bus (g).....Now with great thanks to  our own special docteur extraordinaire...  Dr. Jacques Flambeaux, Phrenologist -- we are proud to present....


Ralphie ::::::::::  L'Alligator (homme) -- pour le zoo Canadien





. . . and we should let you all know that noaH-boB, the Janitor,  recovered the use of  his vocal cords lost last night when he tried to "sing" the alligator  to sleep, instead of rubbing Ralphie’s ♥ belly Smile.


Zoo keeping is a dangerous business when you're a boB ....

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Next up - Ms CLUCK....Now she's a most mysterious bird.

Apparently she and noaH-boB have something going on -- something illicit I would imagine, or at the least connected to the Witches' † black magic.

Talk about hen-pecked and you utter the word "bobBed"...  


(Serves him right for dating outside the janitor species...and I saw her first too!!! … HOWARD, The Dick = mumble, quack, mumble}