Canadian Witches Spa & Brews

boB and the Canadian Witches Spa & Brews

 A relaxing SPA sounds heavenly doesn't it? {{cackle, cackle}} 


Hey boB,  (wavin') †<--------¯_(ツ)_/¯ 

How’s it going ?

I just have a suggestion of a brilliant place to visit while on your vacation, the Canadian Witches SPA and Brews emporium.

Doesn’t matter where you are, they will, ummmm, come to you, set up cauldron, errr…shop, using their GPS abilities and that little chip in your big toe.

Methinks you really could use a visit to the Sorcières Canadian Spa et bières, guaranteed to pump adrenalin back into your tired blood and make your hair luxurious and managable Smile...

Just think how invigorated you will feel after your morning session of *Climb That Cliff *   and   boB ...errr.... *Leprechaun Toss*.


They have spared no expense and have imported a gross of them just for this event. And believe me, "little" boBs were in very short (no pun intended) supply. Seems lately they have been all sold out as door stops.


Now, I do NOT know who started the nasty rumour that we SCSB † witches are using brainwashing in our seminar -To Know Us is to Love Us - but I am sure by the end of YOUR visit that will all be resolved.


I don't want to give it all away but... to wet your appetite...

The evening festivities include your favourite game, and mine.... TRUTH or DIE, I mean Dare. . . and Pin The Ball on the boB...

And the menu at the Sorcières Canadian Spa et bières † is beyond description . . .. * Eye of Bat *, finger of Newt and raw fishy parts, all simmering in a delicious Beaver's tail sauce. Yummy!


So boB, be sure to make your reservations soon. The HOT SEATS are goin' fast !!  We take VISA, MasterCard and AMEX and for those without plastic, we will consider accepting *souls*  (one per person limit)....


Warmly, MeHeart