Happy Valentine’s Day


♫♪ the Day The Muzak Died ♫♪


February started off as a great month for our friend boB.  Spring was just around the corner, unless you, like boB, had decided to check up on the Lykov family lost in Siberia for some 40 years after WWII ended. 


♫♪ And while Lenin read a book on Marx
The quartet practiced in the park ♫♪


There winter snows lasted till May and started again early September. Yep, only a boB would make that trip mid-February and it’s not all that clear just what he expected to find other than hungry wolves, sleeping bears and five million miles of nothingness…


A ValentineHeart, maybe? I think he figured that he had a chance with the youngest daughter Agafinia, but alas, she was looking for something a bit more rugged.


So poor boB went all that way to be turned down again. 


Would he ever find love…?


And to make matters worse,


♫♪ THAT was the day the Muzak d i e d  …

Bye…bye Miss American Pie . . .drove my… ♫♪


Nevermind . . . . 


Muzak, long synonymous with boring background elevator music shut down its brand in February and boB is in mourning…That was his favourite genre … <smirk>..


 ♫♪But something touched him deep inside

The day the music died ♫♪