The Weather Balloon Buffoon


(ummm … “a Merry Andrew” … errr … boB!)


boB had always wanted to be a ‘weatherman’…Well, really he always wanted to date a weather girl, but that’s another story. The Lovely Lucy didn’t take kindly to the competition and last time we saw boB’s weather balloon, it was floating high over Lake Ontario.


On the TV monitor, Kelly Bundy, the Weather Bunny,  could be seen waving madly and throwing a pair of long leather straps connected to a bridle and used to control a horse, or other animal, over the side along with assorted Coats of Arms … Seems boB and Kelly had gotten their ‘rein/RAIN/reign’s’ mixed up….


Anyway, being a boB, he carried on stoically using Kelly’s teleprompter to read:


“And the weather is  dark with ‘strom clods’ possible and damp with rain, hail, frozen rain, snow, and all around wetness, with some liquid sunshine mixed in for good measure. …. Bundle up and take that umbrella with you…”


This is your “metertelologist” boB reporting live…. on the edge of the lake…


What boB didn’t know was that just at that very moment, a winter waterspout, also known as a snow devil, an icespout, an ice devil, a snonado, or a snowspout,  an extremely rare instance of a waterspout forming under the base of a snow squall, was being captured on film, in all it’s icy glory, with Kelly in the middle of it all.


Grabbing an ice pick and boots, she scaled downwards where boB was able to save her in his red and white skidoo….Leaving a happy ending for all the weather buffs in TV-land…and of course our heroes, Kelly and boB!


What rotten weather for June eh?