boB, boB, boB {shaking head} ... Who would have thought you'd try bringing skulls across the border to make money for your Halloween costume?

Geesh and we all thought you were out golfing !!!

Now I read in tonight's paper that you got stopped at the border with 18 frozen but unembalmed heads in your luggage . Not sure if they bought the tired, old excuse “But Officer, I don’t know HOW they got there?”

However, when you explained that you had to take on this job after your wallet disintegrated on Abu Dhabi's Ferrari World’s test ride of their new roller coaster that hit nearly 150 mph with  a 211-foot drop, I think you softened them up somewhat…

Maybe they didn’t realize just how many medical schools and corporations making medical instruments and appliances use cadavers for their training and research programs. Not to worry though because a cremation service arrived at the Medical Examiner's Office with paperwork for the specimens and as soon as the authorities confirm it's in order, the specimens will be turned over to them for disposal..

One thing is certain, they will remember you boB, brown shirt, shorts and Fed Ex stamped on your forehead and will be watching for your delivery truck from now on….

BTW, our own special docteur extraordinaire, Dr. Jacques Flambeaux, Phrenologist, seems to think that the control of your facial muscles damaged by your joy raiding in the Sudan, should return around the late summer of 2016… so not to worry and just think boB, Halloween will be a breeze this year…….